AK scenery – driving and flying, ice park

February/March 2022: The amazement of watching winter turn in to spring as we get to serve God and people! Photojournaled below: driving to Palmer for an Alaska Freedom Journey training module, flying to Grayling for a 2-week visit (first 7 days in quarantine), and having fun at the Ice Park in Fairbanks – check out the great ice sculptures and slides!

Feb 8: We cha-chunked over broken glare ice for the first 200 miles to Palmer
Magnificent sundog
Yet another weather system to pass through on our way to Palmer
Great time of studying “The New Testament Trail” together
Shannon & the kids’ domain during the training – much study makes much hunger!
Training module class
Feb 19: Dawning of a beautiful day for flying
The crew, ready to load up as the plane is fueled for the flight to Grayling in the background
All packed in and airborne
Always beautiful scenery – and here, a sundog
View from the middle
Tracking our progress on the GPS
The Yukon River is always a welcome sight as we near the end of our 2 1/2-hour flight
Since we were quarantined for the first 7 days, a sled was left for us at the airport
Airport to house leg of the trip
Sunday evening church service, quarantine style: over the village marine band radio. One song, wait for 2 minutes for the radio to cool, do another song, wait…
Foraging for firewood; easier to move in the winter
Good times with friends
Thankful for clouds and snow that cleared on the village end just in time for us to beat the weather that was closing in on Fairbanks. Farewell to the Yukon for this trip!
Back on the east side – Fairbanks International East Ramp

March 11: Ice Art Park

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