Homesteading – Alaska Style!

Alaska truly is The Last Frontier – at least as far as the United States is concerned.  In 2010, we bought 40 acres on a north-facing ridge overlooking the Chatanika River Valley (every bit as beautiful as the renowned Shenandoah), 18 miles north of Fairbanks, off the Elliott Highway.  It’s what they refer to as “off the grid.”  No electricity to it.  (Generator.)  No water/well.  (Hauling it – to begin with, in 5-gallon jugs from a borough-maintained spring.)  No phone lines. (But, yes, we do have the edge of cell reception and the possibility of internet.)  The first winter, we not only heated all our water on the wood stove, but did all our cooking and baking on it, too.

Continental dwellers, you better sit down.  When we started pulling trees out and digging a basement in Fall 2010, we did not have to obtain one single permit.  Didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission.  No inspections.  FREEDOM!

Wish we’d had time to blog about it while it was happening.  But with the 6 of us working overtime, trying to get in before Fall 2011 (and not making it until December 3)…well, it just didn’t happen.  The photos (linked below) will just have to speak for themselves; after all, each is worth 1000 words, right?


2 thoughts on “Homesteading – Alaska Style!

  1. I’m looking to live off the grid and homestead near Fairbanks. I would love to go super remote but must remain close enough to Fairbanks due to medications that I take. Can you recommend any areas that sound like what I have in mind? I’m driving myself nuts trying to figure out where to look for real estate. Thank you sooo much. I appreciate any help.

    • One of the great parts of living in the Fairbanks area is the availability of land. It’s much more available than in those places that are on the water (like Anchorage or Juneau). We just kept looking at realtor websites (Fox Realty is good for land sales) and craigslist. There are a lot of areas where land is available but close enough for regular trips to town. Goldstream Valley, Elliot Highway, Chena Hot Springs Road, North Pole, Nordale Road. If you want to get out further, you could even look at Nenana or Salcha.

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