Our Children/Family

January 2021 update


Dani, 22, loves music!  She sings and plays piano, flute, viola, and first violin in the family string quartet. She is also a Scripture memorizer extraordinaire!  Of nine years in The National Bible Bee, she has qualified for Nationals eight times. She also enjoyed the opportunity to write the scripts for our local Bible Bee’s dinner theater and Celebration Days play in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Dani is a senior at Colorado Christian University, and December of 2020 married her best friend, Bronson. She is majoring in music production engineering and composition.

Dani is also hoping to finish her Masters in conducting in Finland.



IMG_2056Rachel, 19, loves art (particularly digital art), and is constantly wowing us with her skills!

Our resident funny bone, Rachel is  the one who sees things from the odd side and keeps us laughing. She plays second violin in the quartet.

Rachel is a sophomore at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and this year is starting paramedic school! Last year she completed her EMT 1 and earned her Firefighter 1 certificate on scholarship at Steese Fire Department. She is also playing cello in the college orchestra, and absolutely loves it.



IMG_8782 (3)

Christa, 16 (almost 17 :D), is often found raiding the library of wherever we find ourselves.  She plays viola for the quartet. She also loves animals and nature, with a particular interest in biology. We love her dorky sense of humor. 😉

Christa is a senior in high school, and is hoping to go into musical performance and theater when she graduates. She started working at Gold Dredge 8 during the summer, and hopes to take a lead position in a couple years. This summer she entered in the Tanana Valley State Fair Speech Competition, taking home the title of Grand Champion!

Out of 11 years in the Bible Bee, Christa has qualified for Nationals 5 times.

IMG_3475 (2)Jared, 14, is all boy.  He is a crack shot with the .22, and often takes it out to practice. He plays the cello. Jared likes to read, and entertains Timothy most of the time. He loves hunting and fishing- very Alaskan! He was born at home in North Pole and likes to say that he is, therefore, an Eskimo.

This summer he, along with Christa, attended a Christian Youth In Action camp, putting on a Bible class for kids and earning his qualifications to work for Christian Evangelism Fellowship in the future.

Jared is a freshman in high school (yikes!), and is interested in photography.

IMG_2530Timothy, 6, is in 1st grade. It is amazing to watch him learn to read, write, and do math. This kiddo is just a big ball of energy- a little hard to keep up with at times, but we love him so much! Timothy likes music, art, playing in the snow, sledding with his siblings, and being active in general.

He is learning to play piano, and he sings with the rest of the family.






NOV 2010 – MARCH 2011 PHOTOS




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