How God Has Equipped


T-34 solo, Pensacola, Florida

Equipped for ministry in remote Alaska villages!  We never could have planned these steps:
Pastor (B.A., Faith Baptist Bible College; M.A., Baptists For Israel Institute;
M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary)
U.S. Marine Corps Aviator (though technically too old!)
Los Angeles Police Officer

Police Officer, Fairbanks, Alaska

That job with LAPD gave him the “in” he needed to be hired on in Fairbanks, which enabled us to move to Alaska.  Spending five years as a cop on the streets of Fairbanks showed James the needs of Alaska natives, up close and personal.

As we recount God’s directing of our steps, we have realized that there another piece of equipment God has provided:  He moved us extensively around the country through the various careers (21 addresses in the first 16 years of our marriage!), and we have enjoyed forming friendships with many, many dear people – including many of you!  We believe that these relationship were also provided by God to prepare us for this full-time ministry, because we cannot do it on our own.  We need partners, both in the spiritual realm as prayer warriors, and in the physical realm as financial backers.

If you would like to know more details about James’ training, experience, and philosophy of ministry, his resume is available upon request.

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