First View of the Bering Sea

As it happened, on our last trip home from Grayling two days ago last month, we decided to make a fuel stop in Unalakleet.  James had come to the realization that avgas was $3/gallon cheaper there than anywhere else between Grayling and Fairbanks, and that it would only add 20 minutes to a straight-home flight.  […]

Update on the Homeplace

As thoughts and materials are starting to pile up to begin the next round of summer projects, it occurs to me that I haven’t ever documented the progress made on the homeplace during last summer’s race with the calendar.  Sometimes we’ll get comments that imply that, perhaps since so much time has passed we just […]

Meet Our Kids’ Friends

These are the young people that encourage our children – in person and online; the friends that they pray with, study the Bible and discuss life with, chat and laugh with. Because we know and have seen the passion each of these 72 young people has for knowing God and His Word and making Him […]

Fall Beauty, More Harvest

During our trip to Grayling last week, we also got to enjoy not only the lovely weather and scenery, but also some time for hunting.  Moose season closed while we were there, and our friend Marvin graciously took us out in his boat to for an overnight his trapping cabin, hunting along the river as […]

A Devilish Faith

It was the last few moments of Bible School.  Our lessons had been about God’s perfect creation, the fall of man into sin, God’s promise to Abraham through the birth of Isaac that all of his descendants will be blessed, and now, we had just talked about Abraham’s offering of Isaac. The correlation between the […]