We serve as an extension of the ministry of Pillar Bible Fellowship, Hood River, OR.

Administrative oversight:  Entrusted Word Ministries, Littleton, CO

Our two-fold ministry consists of

  • Flying as a family to spend a week each month in bush villages, where we continue to build relationships with the community and gather the believers together for fellowship around the Word

  • Working with Alaska Freedom Journey in week-long leadership modules focused on training Native Alaskans in the Word.  These are on the road system, and we assist in teaching and serving the needs of the group.


We’d love to email, Skype, or chat on the phone to better inform you of the ministry.  You may also sign up to receive our monthly emailed Prayer Letters by clicking “Subscribe” on one in our archives here.


What percentage do you need to be at to go to the field?

100% of our monthly financial support goals must be met.  (See the thermometer on the right for our current level.)  To go back before we have all our operational expenses means we will be unable to fly, which is the backbone of being able to accomplish village ministry.

What do you need more:  monthly or one-time gifts?

Monthly!  We are thankful that our current support and church love offerings are covering our travel expenses, but we need ongoing commitments to maintain operations once we get to the field.

Have you considered tentmaking?

The nature of being an aviation-based ministry means that we are dependent on weather and mechanical issues.  We will be ministering in places hundreds of miles away from “civilization,” and when ministry needs arise, they must have our priority – this is what God equipped us for!  When one is employed or running a business, he becomes slave to that priority.  We also do not want to negatively affect the economies in the remote locations we will serve by taking employment or business opportunities there.

How God Has Equipped

Interior Alaska Bible Bee

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