Home Office, Boring, Oregon

Our home/sending church:  University Park Bible Church, Fairbanks, AK

Our mission board:  InterAct Ministries (formerly Alaska Missions [1951-1956], Arctic Missions [1956-1988])

Right now, the ministry in which God has us is connecting people with the fulfillment of the Great Commission “to the uttermost parts of the earth” (yes; to most, Alaska belongs in that category!).  We are in the Lower 48 telling individuals and churches about the spiritual needs and challenges of Alaska, while raising the monthly financial support commitments and funds necessary to function in our coming outreach to Native Alaskans in the Interior (see Our Vision for details).  It continues to be a joy to introduce people to Alaska, to discover brothers and sisters, to be sharpened by like-minded believers, and to see God draw hearts to the work in Alaska.

However, we are striving for the day when this page will be filled with footage from the field!  Please pray for us and consider for yourselves what part God would have you play in His drawing Alaskans to Himself.  100% financial support is needed to operate an aviation ministry.  Beyond that, we are anticipating the airplane that God will provide for us.

We’d love to email, Skype, or chat on the phone to better inform you of the ministry.  You may also sign up to receive our monthly emailed Prayer Letters by clicking “Subscribe” on one in our archives here.


When are you returning to Alaska?

As soon as we find all our monthly financial partners!  Our desire is to be back in October 2013 for the next training module and to settle in before winter hits too hard.

What percentage do you need to be at to go to the field?

100% of our monthly financial support goals must be met.  (See the thermometer on the right for our current level.)  To go back before we have all our operational expenses means we will be unable to fly, which is the backbone of being able to accomplish village ministry.

What do you need more:  monthly or one-time gifts?

Monthly!  We are thankful that our current support and church love offerings are covering our travel expenses, but we need ongoing commitments to maintain operations once we get to the field.

Have you considered tentmaking?

The nature of being an aviation-based ministry means that we are dependent on weather and mechanical issues.  We will be ministering in places hundreds of miles away from “civilization,” and when ministry needs arise, they must have our priority – this is what God equipped us for!  When one is employed or running a business, he becomes slave to that priority.  We also do not want to negatively affect the economies in the remote locations we will serve by taking employment or business opportunities there.

How God Has Equipped

Interior Alaska Bible Bee

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