Sing to the LORD, all the earth;
       Proclaim the good news of His salvation
.                  from day to day.
               Declare His glory among the nations,
.                  His wonders among all peoples.”
.                           1 Chronicles 16:23-24

Hello!  We’re glad you stopped by!  We are James and Shannon Miller, along with our four kiddos:  Dani, Rachel, Christa, and Jared.

In May 2007, we moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, looking for an aviation ministry in which to be involved.  God led us through many steps in preparation, as you’ll see as you peruse the various pages here, and life has been a constant adventure as we follow Him!

If you would like to follow our journey, please take a moment to sign up for our prayer letters here.

We arrived on the field – which happens to be home! – June 7, 2014, after being “Outside” (in the Lower 48) since October 30, 2012, finding prayer and financial partners to work with us in carrying out the ministry God has put in front of us.  Explore our site to learn more about the work we have done and are looking forward to doing as He directs.

Since hitting the ground, we took 4 weeks to get our homeplace back in order, and now we are on the search for the right airplane to reach the villages as well as becoming more acquainted with more Alaska Natives and their culture.  We consider it to be a great blessing to be here and to have the opportunity to see how God has revealed different aspects of Himself in a culture that is different than our own.

<<<<NEWS FLASH!!!>>>>  August 31:  It appears that we may have the right plane in our sights!  James hopes to fly down to Kodiak this week, fly the plane up to Fairbanks, and do a thorough inspection.  It has been commercial-operations maintained, has a couple extras, and the asking price is good:  $65,000.  As we have prayed for the additional $15,000 needed to cover the purchase price and pay taxes that this income to us creates, several additional larger gifts have come in the last couple weeks.  We are encouraged that God knows what we need and when!  Please pray with us!

October 7:  God has answered, and the search continues.  The plane that was looked at would require James to be a to0-much-time mechanic rather than a full-time discipler, and we are now considering another plane God has brought to us.>>>>>

This video gives a quick overview of our preparation and the ministry in Alaska:

How can you serve God in advancing the Great Commission in Alaska?  There are two needs our ministry has:
1.  Regular monthly financial support
2.  An airplane to carry out the work

This video tells about the airplane need, and financial partnering – either for monthly support or for special gifts – can be done through the red “PARTNER NOW” button on the right side of this page.

Please also share our website with anyone who may have a heart for reaching Alaska Natives, so they can know how to be a part of this exciting work as well!

Please fill out the form below to let us know anything you would like to tell us or for more information:


One thought on “Home

  1. We really enjoyed you all joining us for worship and fellowship today. Many good conversations with our kids this afternoon about following God wherever He leads. Thanks for sharing your testimony of what the Lord is doing in your family and ministry. We look forward to this new relationship with the Miller Family.
    ~Carroll Sue

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