To the Field – Airplane Time!!

The rush is on!

North to Alaska – today, we are on our way to the field!! Home!! Other exciting news: God recently breathed life into the airplane fund by jumping the total given to more than $60,000! Yup, you read right! It appears He is indicating that it is time to move forward on the $100,000 goal, to coincide the acquisition of an airplane with arrival on the field.

Here’s how you can be involved:

  1. Pray with us that, as we head north, the needed funding will be topped off.
  2. Follow our progress during the next 11 days as we travel home and as the airplane fund grows; we will post travel/fund updates and airplane info at least a couple times a day here on our website blog and/or on Facebook (ours is a public page, so it can be viewed even if you do not have a Facebook account.) “Like” our postings and comment to help keep us visible to all our friends.
  3. Now would be a good time to subscribe to our blog (below)! Once we are on the field, we will begin posting more frequently about our daily life in Interior Alaska as we serve the Lord.
  4. Consider whether this is an area of ministry in which you can participate financially. This can be done online; scroll down to the “Airplane Fund” button with the airplane in the left margin of this page.
  5. Share our postings with your friends who also may be want to see Native Alaskans in villages off the road system reached with the gospel.

This last leg of the journey will close more than 19 continuous months on the road in partnership development. God has been so good to provide 87.5% of our original support goal! The original budget we set included enough funds to fly about 20 hours per month. At our current level of support, we can fly about half of that, and we believe it is God’s timing to begin the ministry that we’ve told so many of you about. We trust that He will provide more funds as we have the need to fly more.

We are incredibly thankful for all who have partnered with us in finances and prayer thus far and can hardly wait to see how God will provide as we continue!

<p><a href=”″>Alaska Missions Airplane Fund</a> from <a href=”″>James &amp; Shannon Miller -InterAct</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> <p>Help the Millers purchase an airplane to use in the mission field of Alaska. Go to, scroll down, and click on the &quot;Give to Airplane Fund&quot; button in the left margin.</p>

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