A place in Grayling… – PHOTO journal

It’s been just a week since most of our “crew” flew out to Grayling to prep the InterAct missionary house there for occupancy.  Come along with us via video or through our photo album (below the video link) as we share a bit of our 3-day trip!

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/171684756″>Grayling trip- Final</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user24863374″>James &amp; Shannon Miller -InterAct</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Arriving at the plane in Fairbanks, tree swallows started swooping around us, and we found a nest of new hatchlings in the tail cone.  Well, one can but try…

1 (1024x768)

So off came the tail cone…

2 (1024x768)

Transport to a nearby spot where we hoped Mama and Papa could find them

3 (768x1024)


3a (1024x768)

Finally settled in and on our way!

4 (1024x683)

2 1/2 hours later, over the Yukon River, the Grayling airstrip is in sight

5 (1024x768)

With all this gear, we’re thankful to be picked up for a ride in to the village

6 (1024x683)

Marvin Deacon graciously lent his under-construction house for us to stay in with more than the comforts of home:  hot running water, functioning bathroom, and electricity!  After a bit of visiting, about 10:00 p.m., while Mom fixes dinner, the rest roll out air mattresses and sleeping bags.

Next morning, we walk through the village to the missionary house, past some of the city buildings

10 (829x1024)


9 (1024x683)

The church building; though not pictured, the missionary house is to the viewer’s left

IMG_0641 (1024x683)

Check out the house with us:  after coming through the living room, this is dining room and kitchen

12 (1024x768)

Bathroom, including washer

Upstairs, master bedroom

Bedrooms 2 and 3

Upstairs storage space / hardworking Christa!

And another find in the downstairs study!  Another nest of birds – robins this time.

The basement:  several people have left things in storage here over the years, and due to the house’s freezing up and breaking pipes, there has been lots of water perpetually in the basement…turning all of this nice stuff into moldy, mildewy heaps.  James worked on the plumbing and figures that the cold water line is almost ready to be operable.

Thankful for an extra set of hands that also brought the pickup to help us haul 2 loads worth to the dump – a good start!

Later that evening, Christa was outside fellowshiping with the mosquitoes when some neighboring kids came by to see who the white girl was.  She was happy to show them the bow and arrows she was making out of a sapling and fireweed stalks.  🙂

28 (1024x768)

After kids were tucked, James got a call at midnight with an invitation to go fishing out on the Yukon.  Couldn’t pass it up, even though we were planning a early flight to try to beat weather that was closing in.  They were rewarded with his first sheefish and 6 chum salmon!  (This picture was taken at 12:59a.m.)

29 (768x1024)

Getting it all tucked back in the plane, including a non-functional heating stove to have checked out in town.  All aboard!

The first 1 1/4 hours were, shall we say…scenic?  as the low clouds kept us pushed down to about 300 feet off the water of the Yukon, our pathway toward our fuel-up point in Galena.  Moose spotting was a good diversion through the bumps in the air.  We finally pushed through the front and had some beautiful views of this vast country!

32 (1024x683)

Between Galena and Fairbanks, we had to divert around the 50,000-acre Big Mud fire, smack in our flight path.  We got some incredible peeks into the inferno as the wind blew the smoke plume apart when we came alongside.

33 (1024x683)


IMG_0756 (1024x682).jpg

Once again, we thanked the Lord for a safe arrival back home!  Wondering what adventures we’ll encounter on next month’s trip…

POSTSCRIPT:  Housewarming!  If you’d like to help with some of the essentials for the missionary house in Grayling (i.e. mattresses, bedding, towels), click in to our Amazon wishlist.  Would be great to be sleeping in beds on our trips there rather than toting air mattresses and such back and forth!  (All items were checked for ability to ship directly to Grayling, without shipping surcharges – the address is with the list; you won’t have to pay shipping!  If the item you look at seems outrageous in price or shipping cost, Amazon may have changed the price after we chose it; please then choose something else.  Would be helpful to let us know of the high price, too.  Many thanks!)


3 thoughts on “A place in Grayling… – PHOTO journal

  1. Dear Millers, What an interesting letter and all the pictures! We looked at every one of them and forwarded your news to others. The house looks good and professionally done. Some how I thought the house was being built from the beginning but now I see, it’s a fixer upper. We are always happy to hear that you are having safe travels with the air plane.

    This week we had a missionary family from Brazil who needed a place to stay for the night. We have friends who have a large house so made arrangements for them to stay there. They will be traveling in the States for the next month and are looking forward to getting back to their home in Brazil. They were already tired having traveled from Minnesota. They visited here several years ago. Our church supports their parents (Joe & Jeanie Stucky) but we do not support their son & family but was good to see them anyway.

    Good to hear from you again. Prayer partners, Melvina & Bert

  2. Melvina and Bert, we are glad you enjoyed the post! From what we’ve been told, the house was actually built in Holikachuk, which is a village that is now deserted. All the residents moved from there to Grayling in 1962. They moved the house to its present location by barge on the Yukon River. It is in good shape, aside from the basement…that’s why it’s so critical to get the basement taken care of to try to save the rest of the house. It is roomy; likely the largest house in Grayling. (It is our home outside of Fairbanks that is under construction; we have been building it since 2010, and it is still quite unfinished. 🙂

    What a blessing to see the next generation of God’s servants also actively serving Him!

    Shannon for the Millers

  3. Dear Miller family……….It has been such a blessing to read your newsletter and see the pictures on your blog. I am so grateful for a family like yours that works together to share God’s Word with those who do not know Jesus. I pray for all your needs to be supplied and that you are blessed with even more by seeing the church there grow.
    In His love, Sherilyn Izatt McKinleyville School Rd. Baptist Church….Zephaniah 3:17

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