Meet Our Kids’ Friends

These are the young people that encourage our children – in person and online; the friends that they pray with, study the Bible and discuss life with, chat and laugh with.

Because we know and have seen the passion each of these 72 young people has for knowing God and His Word and making Him known, we invite you to the blessing of seeing God exalted through them as they enjoy the Scripture and each other in a game show format.  National Bible Bee Gameshow at

TODAY, you can watch last week’s episode until the new one airs at 8:00p EST – and our oldest daughter Dani is in this new one!  (sample clip of her recitation below)

Also, hop over to our online album of behind-the-scenes peeks at the Bible Bee Game Show – what fellowship and fun we were blessed to enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Meet Our Kids’ Friends

  1. I watched the last episode of the Bible Bee. All of them were excellent. The guy who won the $100,000 is from North Dakota. That’s next to Montana. Pretty exciting.

  2. I saw your daughter on the Bible Bee this evening. She’s 11 years old and did a great job. I love the Bible Bee. melvina

  3. It was wonderful to see and hear these young people recite all those verses by memory; so inspiring. melvina

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