Provision for an Alaska Native Leader in Training

Last month, we sent an email to our supporters about Eugene Cup’aq Stevens and his need for help with college tuition.  We were amazingly blessed to see all $3,300 for his remaining tuition for the year supplied in just a few short weeks!  Below is a letter of thanks from him:

“Dear friends of my friend and supporters of the faith of Jesus,

“I am grateful for your generosity and cheerful given to aid me in response to James’ call on my behalf. We have reached the financial goal and some for the following semester! I want to introduce myself properly and what I am about, even though I know Miller told about me already.

“I gave my life at Alaska Christian College and graduated from there. I am the very first student at LEaD Alaska and graduated there as well. I then went home to do ministry full time voluntarily. I had support through my ministry called Quarter A Day Ministry and in doing so made my church back home become a non-profit organization through the Covenant Church. I taught at least four times a week there and started a Young Adult Ministry Team and facilitated it. All this I have done because I sensed God’s call in those seasons in life and obeyed.

“Now I am back at another faith based institution called Alaska Bible College to further my education to prepare me for future opportunities. I am the only Native Alaskan student born and raised from a rural native setting. This allows me to be like a native missionary to students and leaders in ministry to inform them how my culture can be used to glorify God in our context. My influence reached beyond any expectation that I ever perceived because of being faithful and zealous to share.

“Some of my accomplishments is changing the minds and hearts around me through my presentations and interactions. Some of my paperwork was included in my mentor’s Doctrinal studies for Intercultural in Western Seminary. I performed at different events with my native Yup’ik drum and sang Christ centered songs in my tribal tongue. Recently, I became part of history at Native Musicale by being the very first Native Alaskan Yup’ik to use a Yup’ik drum to worship God in their fifty one years of running. That is unheard by anyone!

“New doors have been opening and closing to me as I continue to pursue further life changing knowledge during my time here. I thank you again for making it possible to resume my time here and I am grateful you are good to my friend, James Miller. May God bless you in all that you do and may you all continue to support James in his ministry in Alaska!


Your brother in Christ,

Eugene “Cup’aq” Stevens II”


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