Heading Home to Alaska – the Alcan in January

Jan. 1, 2020: Officially done with lower 48 things and headed into Canada today! Planning to be in Canada 3 nights; Lord willing, home on Sunday! (Photo: our first time driving on the Washington side of the Columbia River gorge.)

Jan. 2: It’s been a beautiful British Columbia kind of day.
8 hours down, 6 more to go.

Progress! 1477 miles/27 hours or so to go

So do ya think this one can be filled? #AlaskaHighwaywindshield

Teslin, Yukon Territory. 720 miles to home!


Just the regulars along the Alcan

Our favorite encounter on the Alcan: a silver fox! We watched it hunt for 15 minutes or so – beautiful!

Ya do what you gotta do.
Just about to cross the border!

Jan. 5: Finally! A car thermometer that reads below -22!

Home cookin’: moose ribs – it’s what for dinner!

5 thoughts on “Heading Home to Alaska – the Alcan in January

  1. Dear Millers, I was thinking of you just this morning as I was resting in bed and I prayed for you. Glad to hear you are home again safe and sound except for the hole in your windshield. Thanks for the pictures. Now is a job to get things going again at home. The moose ribs look good. I was thinking you should have one of those buffalo in your freezer. Thanks for the pictures and the updates on your trip. Praying for you. Bert & Melvina

    On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 12:09 AM Millers in Alaska wrote:

    > James and Shannon Miller posted: ” ” >

    • Thank you, Melvina and Bert; we are so thankful for your prayers! We wouldn’t mind a bison in the freezer, either! One of the gals from Grayling put one away last month.

      In case you’d like to go back and watch it, I added a video of the silver fox to this blog page.


  2. Enjoyed the photo journey of your trip home to Alaska. We wiil continue to pray for your and your family. regards Ernie and Molly Rouse in Redding.

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