When Theology Took Fire– Revival and Revivalism Chapter 4

I picked up a church publication recently and read their welcoming message, “The Bible is not a book of dry doctrines, but it is full of practical instruction for your life, home, etc.” The message is clear. Doctrine and theology are “dry, boring, and irrelevant.” “Give us something that we can take home and apply […]

Really Different

Yesterday, as I was talking to a new-to-the-Bible Bee mom who just moved to Alaska – specifically, Fairbanks – at the end of January, I was reminded of so many things that tend to be forgotten once you’ve lived here for a while.  Things that are so surreal, that it is hard to explain them […]


At long last, here is a video that gives a quick overview of God’s preparing us for and the ministry in Alaska.  Available in one big chunk, or bite-sized pieces.  🙂  Easy to share!  Please pass it on to anyone who loves the Lord and would like to know how He is moving in Alaska. […]