Switches – and In Hot Water – PHOTOS

First switches in the house! (As opposed to lights on extension cords.) A bathroom upstairs (where it’s warm!) with running cold AND hot water! Jacuzzi tub (a great yard sale find) hooked up and ready to go! Happiness and thankfulness happening here!

And now, as Baby delays, we turn to the fun of deciding on the tile…to think of actually *finishing* a room!

IMG_0029 (768x1024)IMG_0031 (1024x768)IMG_0032 (1024x768)

4 thoughts on “Switches – and In Hot Water – PHOTOS

  1. Nice looking BR. Happy for you. I have been wondering about the new arrival and wondered if she/he arrived and you were keeping it a secret. Praying that mother and baby will be safe and healthy when the day does arrive. Melvina & Bert

  2. Ahh!!! Some of the things so many of us take for granted… So happy for you and the family especially now with the baby due anytime. God bless you all for sacrificing so many conveniences so you can evangelize Alaskan souls..

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