Native New Life Musicale 2015

For a full week (March 2-6), Natives from across the state gathered together to praise the Lord each night. Groups and individuals performed; often they came without accompanists, and the resident accompanists joined in as they figured out what song was being sung (which made for some interesting modulations as each adjusted)! Bluegrass/gospel is the default style.

Enjoy a sampling of songs in both English and Native languages in our Vimeo album: To see a video of a Native-written Seminole hymn, to go and scroll down to the March 4 posting of Huron Claus – beautiful!


The picture spacing below is awful, and I cannot get the blog site to cooperate.  Patiently page down (the pics do keep coming!) or check out the album on Facebook (you do not need to have a fb account to see them).

IMG_0985 (1024x768)

Audience view


Denali Native New Life

Denali Native New Life



IMG_0900 (768x1024)

At Musicale – our first opportunity to try Eskimo ice cream! Ingredients: Crisco, sugar, bananas, blackberries (what Natives call blackberries are not like what we harvest in the Pacific northwest; they are also called crowberries). No fish or seal oil added to this batch. James is game for the first try.

















IMG_0902 (768x1024)

Christa’s still not sure

















IMG_0903 (768x1024)

Rachel goes for the traditional way: dipping fry bread into the ice cream. Very much like a commercially-prepared frosting with berries.

















Blue-mouthed smiles all round proved who tried it.

Blue-mouthed smiles all round proved who tried it.












Christa found a lady who had the same taste in kuspuk fabric as she.

Christa found a lady who had the same taste in kuspuk fabric as she.












Mary Anaruk-Thomas family

Mary Anaruk-Thomas family









Lyrics…in Yup’ik?












IMG_0994 (1024x768)










IMG_0995 (768x1024)

Meesa is 6 days older than Timothy


















2 thoughts on “Native New Life Musicale 2015

  1. Dear Millers, It looks like you had a big celebration with the singing and special arrangements. We liked looking at the pictures and the Alaskans performing. Reminds me of the Song Fest we have at the Eastern Montana Bible Camp. What a good way to enjoy the gospel songs in what ever language they choose. Thank you so much. Prayer partners, Bert & Melvina

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