Change and Flexibility – PHOTOS

Last week was one of change and flexibility. I started the week preparing the airplane for a ministry trip to Grayling with Harry, David Joseph, and Clarence. The death of an elder from Grayling caused us to postpone the trip and the services we were going to hold, but Clarence and I made the trip anyway to be part of the funeral. It was different than I expected would be my first real ministry opportunity in a village, but God had a purpose for me being out there without Harry or David for support. There were plenty of opportunities to meet people as I sat around the deceased with Clarence and others, washed dishes from the community meals, or helped dig the grave with several men from the village.

Please pray for Clarence. I took him out to Shageluk on Friday before doing back to Fairbanks with the brother and sister-in-law of the deceased. A couple of younger men from Shageluk came to the funeral and heard the gospel. Pray that Clarence might have the chance to continue the conversation. Also pray that we might be able to have more ministry opportunities as we go out again Thursday.

James and David did fly back out today, with Bible studies and services planned in both Grayling and Shageluk.

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