An Alaskan Woman’s Journey

IMG_2150 (849x1024) (2)

Gloria with our then-3 month old son Timothy

<ding>  I smiled as I read Gloria’s response to my Facebook message, asking to tell about her book in our prayer letter:  “Absolutely you can. Anything towards helping others and giving God the glory =priority.”  So characteristic.

Reading Gloria’s An Alaskan Woman’s Journey, you feel she’s sitting across from you, telling you the everyday things of life.  She helps the reader feel what it was like to grow up in a large Native family on an island in Alaska, and she has a gift of recognizing the vivid details of God’s creation and relating them with child-like wonder…but at the same time, she’s always looking over her shoulder in fear of “Wiley,” who robbed her of so much of that joy during her childhood.

Available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.  Cover art by the author's father.

Available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon. Cover art by the author’s father.

Much of her life became chaotic through her own willfulness and the grip sin had on her, which makes her walk today with God such a beautiful contrast.  Walking through the pages of her life with her, you will be blessed and glorify God at the testimony of His grace and goodness found at the end.  That story is continuing today.  “It takes practice to become obedient to God, especially after years of being so rebellious and angry.”  Since meeting Gloria early this year and spending many weeks with her through her LEaD Alaska training, God’s peace and her joyful submission to Him through difficulties have become very evident to us.  We look forward to seeing the next chapter unfold as she obediently follows, serving others by relating her testimony, beginning in her own home.

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