Summer in Review – PHOTO journal

As we are wrapping up harvest and doing final prep on the property to be buttoned up for winter, here’s a quick review of this summer’s highlights!  We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness seen in the ability to grow food and for His blessings as progress was made on the house.

This summer, we added two greenhouses (and learned more about using them), added raspberries to the orchard (and harvested a good deal of wild ones that we have cultivated around the house), and welcomed a work team from a dear supporting church.  That team framed closets and put up drywall in our bedrooms (goodbye vapor barrier, and hello paint!), added a stairwell to the basement, framed a large bay window in the dining area, and built an outhouse (very important to our next project…).  James labored long and hard to put in a bona fide septic system as our quasi system of 5 years was done.  As a result of the rearranged yard, we were able to level part of it, which should make a nice play area with grass.

We also welcomed several guests over the course of the summer, including the most important:  Grandma (Shannon’s mom)!  Dani and Rachel also worked great summer jobs, just 10 miles from home (same place, same schedule), which made for a new dynamic in our days.

Summer began with our annual InterAct field conference in Palmer. We enjoyed a family hike with sweeping views of the Mat-Su Valley.




Work team from Pillar Bible Church, Hood River, OR


Bay window/window seat under construction, inside view


Bay window framing, outside view

Drywall in girls’ room, and a bit of their lovely view

Septic tank……lots of digging

Filled back in and leveled, view from house/View of below septic field to house


Digging spuds

Yukon gold!                                 341# or so:  russets, reds, purples, and golds


We ended up with about 30 cabbages of varying sizes. Plenty of sauerkraut!



3 thoughts on “Summer in Review – PHOTO journal

  1. Dear Millers, So you are getting the harvesting done and getting ready for winter. We are too. The days are getting dark so soon and makes it feel like winter is just around the corner.

    It’s good that you got a helping hand with the group coming from Oregon to help with getting the building done. You’ve done a lot of work there.

    Thanks for all the pictures. They help to understand how everything is going on in Alaska.

    Our church is still searching for a new pastor. Last Sunday a board member said they are still talking with two candidates but the logistics take a long time. I don’t understand it but I’m sure it’s a difficult job and many things to consider. We want the right person; one who loves God and can keep us reminded of what we need to know. The other day in our small group, we had a video that explained the last days. It was very good. One of the people asked a question about the last days. In the end he said he’d call Arlie; he will know the answer.

    I am forwarding your letter to others in the church so they can read it too.

    Prayer partners, Melvina & Bert

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