First View of the Bering Sea – PHOTO journal

As it happened, on our last trip home from Grayling two days ago last month, we decided to make a fuel stop in Unalakleet.  James had come to the realization that avgas was $3/gallon cheaper there than anywhere else between Grayling and Fairbanks, and that it would only add 20 minutes to a straight-home flight.  What we also didn’t realize is that the Unalakleet airport sits directly in the Norton Sound, on the Bering Sea.  God blessed us with a spectacular spring day to view the breaking up ice and incredible color in a part of His creation that we hadn’t yet seen.  All this – for a fuel stop!  The pictures, of course, simply can’t convey the feeling of being there (and I was unable to add videos due to technical difficulties – thus the month delay!), but we can at least share it the best we can!  Marvel with us at our Creator’s handiwork!

IMG_3603 (1024x683)

Sample of the terrain as we head northwest from Grayling to Unalakleet

IMG_3618 (1024x683)

Our first view of the Bering Sea (Norton Sound)

IMG_3616 (1024x683)

IMG_3619 (1024x683)

Ice sheets breaking up

IMG_3623 (1024x683)

Break in ice sheets

IMG_3628 (1024x683)

Peek at Unalakleet village at bottom of window

IMG_3630 (1024x771)

Closer to Russia than to Fairbanks (just over 300 miles)

IMG_3632 (1024x683)IMG_3633 (1024x683)IMG_3636 (1024x683)IMG_3638 (1024x683)IMG_3639 (1024x683)

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IMG_3650 (683x1024)IMG_3665 (1024x683)IMG_3670 (1024x683)IMG_3671 (1024x683)

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IMG_3680 (1024x683)

IMG_3677 (957x1024)IMG_3678 (796x454)IMG_3683 (1024x683)IMG_3689 (683x1024)IMG_3697 (683x1024)

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IMG_3704 (1024x683)

Many of the rocks/boulders on the beach had scaly impressions…

IMG_3707 (1024x683)

…or “rocks” within the rocks. We’d like to find out a bit more about these!

IMG_3708 (1024x683)IMG_3709 (683x1024)IMG_3718 (1024x683)IMG_3720 (1024x683)IMG_3721 (683x1024)

IMG_3732 (1024x683)

“Baby” clam

IMG_3734 (683x1024)IMG_3738 (1024x683)

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IMG_3741 (1024x683)IMG_3688 (1024x683)

Screenshot (2) (978x549)

Departing – final view of Unalakleet, tucked up against the Sound




One thought on “First View of the Bering Sea – PHOTO journal

  1. Dear Millers,
    It is interesting to see your pictures and the airplane and the places you can go with it. This past week we flew to Branson, Mo. for a family reunion with our children, grand children and great grand children. So we got a chance to see what the clouds look like from the top side. They are beautiful but bumpy.
    The previous weeks, I was about to shake hands with V.P. Mike Pence and also talked in his ear. Now that’s close and the secret service was very close on all sides. I told him that I am praying for him ever day and he said – keep it up. He was in Billings to campaign for Greg Gianforte. It wa a once in a life time experience for me.
    We have been to Grayling and to Palmer so we know where you are referring to. Glad you were able to buy gas for $3 less than any where else.
    Our church is still searchnig for a pastor. Seems like it is taking a long time.
    We watched the Bible Bee on the internet. It has been very inspiring to see these young people quote so many verses by memory.
    Prayer partners,
    Bert & Melvina

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