Grayling Bible Day Camp, July 2018 – Photojournal

Great week spending time with some great kids each day, getting to sing and teach about God and His Word. Lots of good thinking and participation – and you should hear these kids sing! Storybook Bibles and DVDs were earned to remind them of what they learned. The week ended with a cookout at Hotdog Island and swimming at the beach!

Day 1: The Teeny Weeny True King – intro to David

Arthur takes a turn at being king

“Saul, Saul, David” (think “Duck, Duck, Goose”): “it” wears “God’s heart”, and when he chooses David, David runs after God’s heart (Yep, David was a man *after* God’s own heart!)

Psalm 16:8 was the favorite Bible verse song of the week. Those that came to church Sunday even sang it for everyone!

Day 2:  David and Goliath

Goliath the giant

…and the Philistine side

David the shepherd boy

…and the Israelite side

Showdown! No pics, but each kid took 5 shots at Goliath with wrist rockets and paper balls. 🙂

Day 3: David the shepherd – though a great warrior and shepherd himself, David recognized that he needed God to be his shepherd

“Wolves and sheep” (“sharks and minnows”)

Learning memory verse

Putting John 10:11 back together

Another sheep game

If you ran enough and kept arms flapping enough, the bugs weren’t unbearable 😉

Day 4: Jesus is the good shepherd, the forever king descended from David

Saturday (day 5) was Family Day to celebrate the end of the Bible Day camp. Parents volunteered their boats to drive us out to Hotdog Island, 6 miles down the Yukon.

Ever imagined a real beach on the Yukon River?

Race to the swimming hole

Cookout time





At the bank in Grayling: I wondered what these boys were up to as they walked toward a dead fish on the bank…

Just add water??


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