Meantime, in the extreme northwest of the country…

We still marvel over the oddness of our life, often being reminded by those in the lower 48 that where and how we live is not the experience of most of our friends   The harshness and beauty we experience is novel to most, so we try to remember to whip out the phones to take pictures so we can give you a tiny taste of this corner of God’s dominion.

No need to adjust the orientation! This is right side up, with the Yukon River in the foreground. Can you spot the village of Grayling?

Ice is not so good this year, without the normal hard early freeze. The snow machine trails skirt this open water.
Also on the approach, a lone moose could be seen traipsing across the river on an established critter trail.

Intersections and offramps going through town, by the house and church

Snow had been cleared from the church

View from kitchen window


Jared, headed onto the Yukon

Doesn’t get much more beautiful than a day like this!

The essential flight food bag is packed

After 2.5+hrs of marginal flying, our home airport is a welcome sight.

Fairbanks is quite a different sight than Grayling

2 thoughts on “Meantime, in the extreme northwest of the country…

  1. Wonderful photos. What snow!!!!! I couldn’t live there. I thank the Lord that he has equipped you and your family to do this work!

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